Tips For Doctor’s Who Want To Start A Blog

Once you’ve created a website for your practice, the best way to break affianced with your patients and to drive added cartage is to actualize a blog. Your blog will be your belvedere to allotment advice and your assessment with your patients and adolescent healthcare practitioners.

How generally to blog

The aureate aphorism of blogging is to accumulate your blog abreast with new content. Many doctors feel that they don’t accept abundant time to advance a blog, but the accuracy is you do. You’ll wish to column to your blog at atomic already a week, which should alone yield 1-2 hours, and doesn’t necessarily accept to be done in one sitting. For instance, I just accomplished banquet and am autograph this column at 7:30pm with the TV on in the background… It’s simple to accomplish added able use of your time. If you can’t acquisition the time, the accuracy is you accept to catechism your motivation.

What to abode about

This is simple. You are a physician, a dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, etc, authoritative you an able in your field. So abode about what you apperceive best! And remember, blogging is not alum school; you alone charge to abode a few hundred words and you wish to accumulate it accidental (especially back a lot of medical agreement will go over your patients’ heads). Remember, you are allowance advance people’s lives by teaching them something new, something you apperceive lots about, be appreciative of your posts!

How to advance the word

Of course, as your patients appointment you, you wish to let them apperceive that you accept a website and animate them to appointment your blog. Add your web abode to all of your brochures and business cards too!

Secondly, you’ll wish to advance the chat on Twitter. For anniversary blog post, forward a cheep with your blog appellation and a hotlink to the post. You can aswell cover assortment tags to advice ability your audience, assortment tags such as #dentistry, #optometry, #chiropractor, #acupuncture, etc.

You’ll aswell wish to column anniversary blog access to your practice’s Facebook Page. This will acquiesce patients to calmly break up to date on your blog and action comments.

In Summary:

Add a blog to your website

Keep it adapted – abode a column at atomic already a week

Write about your expertise

Share your blog column on Twitter & your Facebook page

It can yield a while to abound a blog following, so be constant and patient, and over time your afterward will abound from 1 to hundreds, or even thousands.

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